kiy   Men love sexual diversity. They get bored quickly, seeking novelty in every woman. But not only guys cheating . So we should not blame just themselves.

Main reasons why men cheat are generated by a poor communication between partners and insufficient attention on sexual relations . That is monotony and if isn’t treated, it can cause infidelity.

Each man hides a boy who wants to play, to conquer new territories. Therefore, some men are tempted to cheat just because that feeling makes him feel much better.

It is undeniable that most men can’t say “no” when receiving an invitation to sex. Even though they aren’t always bombarded with offers, sometimes may appear a proposal “irresistible” they can not refuse.

During long-term relationships, people change, especially physically. When women gain a few pounds and become indifferent to her physical appearance, the man responds and doesn’t feel seduced by his girl friend.  So most mistresses are young and attractive.

But do not worry! Not all men cheat. When the man next to you loves you, and you offer him everything  that he needs, he will not cheating you.

Whatever are the the reasons why a man cheating, the key to a man’s heart and mind, is hidden in a woman’s smile. So give him everything and ask everything. The secret of happiness is written in your heart.



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